Gabby Barrett Says All You Need Is Love…or the Lack of It

Gabby Barrett is climbing the country music airplay charts with her song “The Good Ones,” and last year, she achieved major success with her number-one hit “I Hope.”

One’s a love song, and one is definitely not.

So, is it easier to write a love song, or one about heartbreak? Gabby thanks that the key is…if the emotion of “love” is triggered, whatever direction it goes in, it can create powerful results.

She says, “I mean, I think you could be a good songwriter either way, because there’s emotions in both…very strong emotions in both, because love is the strongest of everything, the strongest emotion possible…that can change everything for you. So, falling in, or out, in my opinion, it would be even because there’s experiences in both.”

There’s plenty of love in Gabby’s life these days as she’s at home with her husband Cade Foehner, and their baby daughter who arrived last month.

Hopefully you found yourself a “good one” like Gabby Barrett did…check out her music video for “The Good Ones”…

Photo Credit: Robby Klein